Sunday, June 29, 2008

What Bias?

I pulled this off of an AFP/Getty picture.

President George W. Bush's impending departure has rekindled hopes that new US leadership can prop up the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which marks its 40th year on July 1. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama (seen here earlier this month) has emphasized that the United States is looking to a nuclear free world

Here's a link to the entire story

Bush exit may pave way for new nuclear security strategy

Here's the money quote from the article, as far as I'm concerned

What was heartening, he said, was that both presidential candidates recognized that renewed US nuclear leadership on disarmament was absolutely necessary to strengthen the NPT so that it can survive for another four decades, he said.

"But the problem is that the future holds a great number of tough nuclear weapons related challenges and it is not going to be easy," he said.

To reestablish the US nonproliferation leadership needed to repair the system, Kimball proposed that the next president act quickly to slash the still-bloated US and Russian nuclear arsenals, end the pursuit of new nuclear warheads and ratify the CTBT.

Another perceived blunder by the Bush administration was the mishandling of the North Korea nuclear issue back in 2002, when US actions led the hardline communist state to withdraw from the NPT and kick out nuclear inspectors.

So, failing to be lead around by the Norks after Bill Clinton GAVE them the technology is a blunder?

In other words, if we disarm, surely the rest of the world won't bother, right?

Are they forgetting the Nuclear weapons programs in India and Pakistan, which were completely missed and had nothing to do with the U.S.?

Are they forgetting Libya's clandestine program which they gave up after the invasion of Iraq?

Are they forgetting the recent strike on Syria?

Are they forgetting the uranium smuggling ring recently broken up in the Congo(which last time I checked was in Africa)?

Are the ignoring the fact that North Korea recently blew up it's cooling tower?

How are they gonna enforce this NPT anyway? With Spitballs per Zell Miller? That guy had it right. I think the current batch of Dim's must beleive in Peace Fairies or something. They seem to be of the mind "Speak softly and carry no stick."

I'm sick of the kind of mindless dreaming that passes for "analysis" these days. Unfortunately, there seems to be a good hunk of the electorate which either a) agrees with them b) isn't paying attention or c) isn't smart enough to tie their shoes.