Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Surviving The Obamination

Renew America - There's a 63% chance that this November, America will die, Western Civilization will die. Yes, what has endured for 2,000 years will be completely undone should Barack Obama achieve 270 electoral votes.

Such are the predictions across the Internet. Intrade, the political predictions market which knows no partisan master, gives Barack Obama a 63% chance of winning the presidency while conservative bloggers declare the election of Obama to be the end of our country, the end of everything.

It's time for a reality check. If America or Western Civilization is on such a precipice that a single victory by the Democratic Party will send it falling into an abyss, then we are far too late to save our Republic, we are far too late to save Western Civilization. We better get used to speaking Mandarin, Arabic, or Spanish depending on who you ask. (We better learn all three for good measure.)

Certainly, there's some nuggets of truth in this negative talk. Yes, elections do matter. Yes, Barack Obama's rise is based on a lack of substance that lends itself to a personality cult based on warm fuzzies. No, America's not invulnerable.

However, beyond this is overblown hype that masks our true problems. Our Constitutional system, filled as it is with so many methods of obstruction for the minority, and so many sources of aggravation for the majority does not lend itself to quick sloganeering changes.

Our civilization is in crisis, but it has little to do with Barack Obama. He is a symptom of our problems.

We have a crisis of illegitimacy and divorce. We have a school system that indoctrinates rather than educates. We have a post-modernist heresy that is sucking the life out of our nation's churches and feel-good religion disconnected from eternals truths. We have pastors who walk in the fear of Man rather than the fear of God.

While America's pulpits are silent, more than 4000 unborn children die every day and we stand by and do nothing. Like Jefferson, we must tremble when we consider that God is just and that his justice will not sleep forever.

We have a national debt that both parties have contributed to, and an Entitlement System neither party has the guts to tackle.

We have as a people become lazy, indifferent, and apathetic. If our nation were sane, rational, and paying attention, we would throw 80% of our Congessmen out on their ears.

Instead, we as a nation choose to make the future of our nation a spectator's sport. Lethargy is our response to the very real and present threat to the future of our nation and the children American parents claim to love.

This is why American schools are governed by boards that are elected by 3% of the voting populace, and Americans cities are governed by Councils elected by 15%.

Political leaders don't get this. Some will swear the only thing that matters is our nation's physical survival. They no longer see the vision of a City on the Hill, only a jungle full of animals striving to survive. Their politics is that of a 21st century Germanic tribesman.

Then for some Adam Smith is God and Economic liberty is panacea.

Barack Obama is an extension of the American cultural crisis. A feel-good empty suit who tells us what we want to hear and whom we believe because we don't care enough to find out the truth.

The election of Barack Obama will not spell doom for America. It will spell higher taxes, a shrinking economy foreign policy blunders, and a time of suffering for our nation. However, our nation can survive Barack Obama.

It cannot survive the rotting of our culture that has brought us to this point. We will either right that ship or we will perish. These are the stakes.