Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stupid Commenting Tricks

This Blog uses a modified version of the Haloscan commenting system. It has several advantages over the default Blogger commenting system, for both the commenter and Blog Administrator, as well as a few drawbacks.

The drawbacks include a 10000 character limit, maximum of three hyperlinks allowed per comment, and that since the comments are located on a different server than the main Blogging software, a problem at either location will drag down the overall loading time.

The advantages for the Blog Administrators are that comments from all threads can be monitored and managed on a single screen, from which we can also edit or delete them. It also allows us to ban abusive IP addresses or ranges of addresses. Haloscan offers some other features such as Type-key registration and Comment moderation but neither of those obtrusive features are enabled here.

For the commenter, threads tend to normally open faster than with the Blogger commenting system, URLs can be pasted directly in to become active hyperlinks, and most importantly, because Haloscan blocks search engine spiders, and thus there is no problem with comment spam that plagues the Blogger commenting system.....YOU DONT HAVE TO TYPE IN A STUPID CODE TO POST YOUR COMMENT.

Using The Automated Text Formatting Functions

Using The Blockquote Function

Text that falls between blockquote tags changes in appearance relative to normal text after you publish your comment. It shows up a slightly smaller size, uses a different font, and is further indented that normal text.

The blockquote function should be used whenever you copy and paste text into the comment input box. This allows other commenters to easily determine that this text is not a "comment" itself. There are 2 main appropriate times for using this function. One is when you are copy & pasting an article from an outside source, the other is when you are copy & pasting a comment (or portion of a comment) from a previous user's comment on that thread, and plan on commenting on it yourself.

Not all participants here read every comment on every thread in sequential order. Some prefer to monitor commenting activity using the "Recent Comments" feature in the right sidebar of the Blog's front page. When they click on your name there, they are taken directly to your comment. If you have copy & pasted a portion of someone else's comment at the beginning of your comment..... and did not put that copy & pasted portion in blockquotes...... they wont always know that you are "Quoting" someone else. They wont be able to distinguish between your comment and what / who you are commenting about...... which can be confusing at times.

Using the automated blockquote function is quick and easy.

Just re-highlight the text you copy & pasted by left clicking at the beginning of the text, and holding down the left click button while dragging your mouse cursor over its entirety.

Then while it is highlighted, left clicking the "Quote" icon in the toolbar located directly over the commenting input box.

That will place blockquote tags at the beginning and end of the highlighted text.

Then you just comment as normal below that. You can repeat this process as many times as is needed if you want to respond to multiple comments on a single commenting post.

You can also blockquote text inside of blockquoted text, to further indent it on the rare occasion that you are quoting a source that is quoting another source.

Using the Automated Hyperlink Function


Sharing An Image