Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hate Site Comments Suggest Violence Against Missouri Mosque

PRNewswire - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today asked the St. Louis, Mo., office of the FBI to investigate apparent threats against a local mosque posted on an anti-Muslim Internet hate site.

Threatening comments on the Little Green Footballs hate site about a new minaret being built near that mosque included:

SEE: An Islamic Prayer Tower Rises in St. Louis

1. "I suppose dynamite would be considered an extreme response."

2. "The tower would make a nice target for lots of things... Perhaps one could start by bombing the thing with pig s**t from a light plane."

3. "Anyone got some RPGs to coat in pig fat?"

4. "Would be a shame if it were to be vandalized or destroyed. Just a shame I tell you....wink wink STL youth."

"These types of violent comments should not be taken lightly and should be investigated by state and federal law enforcement authorities," said CAIR Civil Rights Manager Khadija Athman.

The apparent threats come following an arson attack on a Tennessee mosque allegedly by three members of the "Christian Identity" movement and a fire-bomb attack on a Minnesota Muslim business.

Because of similar bias-related incidents nationwide, CAIR is urging Muslim individuals and institutions to review security procedures using advice contained in its Muslim Community Safety Kit.

Or follow the simple instructions shown in the video below.

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