Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Britons may soon need a license to smoke

United Press International - Smokers in Britain could have to carry a government tobacco license in order to buy or carry cigarettes if a new proposal becomes law.

Julian Le Grand, a professor at the London School of Economics who heads the ministerial advisory board Health England, came up with the idea because the British are more likely to die of smoking-related diseases than any other Europeans, The Mail on Sunday reported.

Government advisers have already created the plan for a smoking permit, which all smokers would have to carry.

Under the plans, anyone who refused to pay for a permit for about $20 a year would be banned from buying cigarettes from any outlet.

Smokers could also be forced to obtain a doctor's signature, declaring their health was not at "massive risk" from their habit.

They already have to get a license to watch Television.