Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The 'Perfect Day' Response

The Perfect Day brainstorming session

bin Laden-"We gotta figure a way to get the whole umma to ignite in righteous jihad against the infidel. Any ideas?"

Zawahiri-"I dunno. Bein' real about it, the West has been pretty restrained even after the 9512 deadly terror attacks provocations since September 11th."

b L-"We gotta come up with something real big."

Z-"But what, dammit? What would enrage the infidels sufficiently to attack all of Islam so that all of Islam will rise against them?
Maybe we oughta back burner that for now.
Usama, my brother, tell me how would you describe your perfect day?"

b L-"Hmm. Well, first there would need to be blood--a lot of blood. Rivers--no--lakes--no--oceans of blood. And not just warrior blood, either; none of the infidels are innocent.."

Z-"Go on, go on."

b L-"Not even the children. Those infidels would never send their children out to die like our courageous Palestinian fathers and mothers do. They're so soft-hearted when it comes to their children...hmm...that's a idea..."

Z-"What are you thinking, my brother?"

b L-"Wait...wait...it's coming to me...
We thought we would kick the Global Jihadtm into high gear when we attacked their World Trade Center because they love money. They do--but they love their children even more.
We'll attack their children. I know! We'll attack their children in their schools. And not just one school--we'll attack four schools--like the number of flights on September 11th."

Z-"But is that a righteous act, my friend?"

b L-"Surely it is so. I once asked a great Imam how many American children we could kill and he answered, two million."

Z-"You got it. But just in case Allah calls you before you can witness this plan, let us make a video so you can signal the time for our cells in America to take action and I will release it when the time is right.
Umm, by the way...your beard is getting almost as gray as mine. I've been meaning to try an infidel product. It's called Just for Men."


Well, turn...that there's pretty goldurn fanciful. Watcha got to back any of that up?

This here

Some time after 9/11, several pieces of an elaborate puzzle came together for the first time and created a stunning picture of the complex planning that went into the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Unfortunately, those pieces came together much too late.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOver the past couple of years, National Terror Alert has featured several seemingly unrelated news events and stories, all with a common thread… A potential terrorist threat to our nations children and schools.

With each news story it appears that the planning of a new attack, one with potentially horrific consequences, could be in the works. We’ll let you decide for yourself.
Could all of these stories amount to nothing more than incredible coincidence? Certainly, but there are several elements of 9/11 that prior to the attack would have also been attributed to the same and we are all too familiar with the end result.
Read it all and watch the Glenn Beck videos.

If you know teachers, principals, administrators--please share.

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