Sunday, September 16, 2007

People can change

My 2nd post here included these words:
I'm new here (thanks RT) and I'm not going to bore anyone with my CV--I hope you may come to know me by what I consider important to post and comment on.
You've come to be like friends and family to me and I'm forever grateful that my thoughts are read and thoughtfully considered.

I can also bask in an anonymity that allows me to reveal what I would not to my physical friends and family.

I was raised up in the Church. Not the fire and brimstone Southern Baptist nor the ritual-heavy Catholic but the Anglican-based Episcopal. Sunday school followed by choir and adult services--I stopped going in my teens.

Some things stuck. Some things got lost for a while.

How crazed is it that my growing understanding of the Leftist Agenda and the threat of advancing Islamic world ambition were what led me back to the bible?

Don't answer that--it's a rhetorical question.

I don't subscribe to 'End Times' belief. Near the end of the Lord's Prayer that I learned were the words "world without end".

Two of our top GOP presidential contenders have records with which many voters have problems. Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani have in the past both favored a 'woman's right to choose'. Mitt has changed his tune since governance of Massachusetts and Rudy claims to hate abortion.

I won't cast the first or any stone. Like many others I believe this to be a states' rights issue and not belonging to the courts, Supreme or otherwise.

We all have regrets, don't we? We didn't save enough for that rainy day, we smoked even after our doctors warned us, we said something we shouldn't have said when we were drunk, we yelled at our kids when they needed a calm and understanding tone. Guilty as charged. We--none of us--are without sin.

So let me say it briefly and succinctly. In 1985 the Princess (later to be the Q of S) and I faced a hard choice. She was 19 and I was 30. It was her choice but I participated in backing her choice. Even paying for her choice.

Marriage in '89 and split seven weeks after September 11; one miscarriage and three live and thriving births later I'm still ashamed of that participation.

My choice would be different now. I know her choice would as well. People can change.

Liberals Lie, Children Die

By Kevin McCullough
Sunday, September 16, 2007

At this very moment one of the most liberal organizations in our nation has fraudulent papers before a court in the Midwest awaiting permission to begin the systematic slaughter of innocent children on Tuesday.

Using false pretense, misdirected answers on applications, and fraudulent forms Planned Parenthood is awaiting word to see if it will be allowed to open a super-butchery in Aurora Illinois this coming Tuesday. The situation highlights a new trend for the tax-payer subsidized organization that is now resorting to lying to municipalities and their populations in order to set up shop, hack women's uteruses and slice children's bodies like lunchmeat. Some of the children just inches from birth.

The way it works is first they set-up a phony name for a phony company. In the Aurora Illinois case they filed their fraudulent permits under the name of Gemini Office Management Corporation. Pretending to be a neutral landlord, they then asserted on the forms requesting the construction permits that the "tenant is unknown."

With the municipality duped, the residents of Aurora feel betrayed. Several reports have emanated from the region demonstrating that even people who do not normally protest abortion publicly are outraged and feel that they have been lied to.

And they should feel this way, because they have.

Steve Trombley, head of Planned Parenthood Chicago, said in an interview with Fox News that it was his feeling that Planned Parenthood had answered every question honestly and that his crew had followed the letter of the law.

He them added, "We did however work hard to make sure that our opponents did not find out."

But doesn't purposefully deceiving city officials on municipal legal forms, permits, and applications add up to fraud?

The Village of Aurora thought so. At least enough to haul Planned Parenthood before the judge who will now decide the case? The Aurora case follows similar deceptions in Texas, Washington DC, and New York. In the Texas case the deceptions even extended to the contractors working on the structure. To which when they discovered what they were building - walked out on the job and never completed it.

It is horrific enough that the purpose in the original founding of Planned Parenthood was to originally wipe out the future generations of black children. To understand the depth of the racism Margaret Sanger practiced and believed personally is nauseating. She detailed much of it for posterity in her own writings.

It is equally disturbing that Planned Parenthood has championed the practice of giving aid to child rapists. The average age of the girls seeking abortions in Planned Parenthood's facilities ranges 14-17. The average age of the sperm donors in these same cases ranges 23-28. Multiple sting operations across the country have netted endless hours of taped phone calls demonstrating how the Planned Parenthood operators encourage the girl to not volunteer her age over the phone as a willful act perpetrating supposed ignorance for the ability to plead, "That they didn't know." Under nearly all state law if a medical clinic has been made aware that a rape has occurred they are legally obligated to report it. This practice goes largely ignored by Planned Parenthood. Thus giving the rapists another day to live, breathe, and rape again.

Recently Planned Parenthood has gotten greedy. As a "not for profit" 501c3 they are licensed by and partially funded by the United States government claiming to offer medical care for girls to poor to be able to pay for it. 'Cause you know nothing says compassion like slicing up a "black-girl's-inner-city-they-would-prefer-this-than-being-born" baby while still in the girl's womb. Raking in over $60 million dollars in profit for the calendar year of 2006, they received tax-payer funding to the tune of $305 million.

Worst yet Planned Parenthood doesn't just lie to the courts, to law enforcement, to local school boards, to parents, to the citizens, to the tax-payers - but perhaps most importantly they lie to girls themselves.

Personal first hand testimony by women numbering in the thousands will attest to what they have been told countless times.

"It's not alive, it's just a tissue."

"No the baby can't feel a thing."

"You shouldn't experience any additional medical problems." And the list gets long...

Two truths need and must be understood about Planned Parenthood. They lie to everyone about nearly everything and liberals love them.

In liberal America Planned Parenthood is treated as a golden calf. Their issues are fought for endlessly by elected liberals who take money from their operation of human butcher shops and live a cushy life getting re-elected dozens of times over.

Planned Parenthood has taken the lives of more young people since 1973 than we have lost in all of America's wars put together. In fact by now in order to get an idea of how many deaths they have been responsible for - just pretend that nuclear weapons detonated in and wiped out the entire populations of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Washington DC combined. (Though you'd still come up on the short side.) Imagine wiping out 40 million 34 year olds and younger.

THAT is the legacy of Planned Parenthood, and every liberal democrat (the majority of them) and every liberal republican (fewer but still sickening) wears upon them today.

Tuesday will be a sad day if the Aurora Planned Parenthood Super-Butchery opens; their stated goal is to put the "mom and pop" abortion shops out of business.

And since they are given a portion of the federal taxes we all pay - that makes us all guilty of the pain, abuse, malpractice, and murder that will take place there.

God have mercy on us all!


God, have mercy on me.

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