Sunday, September 09, 2007

The OTHER New Candidate

I was gonna put this on MY blog, but figgered RT would just steal it and put it here anyway, so I saved him the trouble .. snicker snicker

Bobama may have Okra, I mean, Oprah, on his side, but Fred has some good folks behind him too..

I stole some pics from "FRED 08" ..

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Its always nice to have the "Long Haired Country Boy" on your side..

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Who needs Okra when you can have a Redneck Woman and a Cowboy on your side anyway !!

"FRED 08" also had a pic of Fred visitin a gun shop too.. He keeps all this up and I may have to reconsider supportin him.. Gonna be hard to turn my back on Duncan Hunter tho !! But that VP slot is still OPEN ..