Saturday, September 08, 2007

The NEW Candidate

And I aint talkin bout FRED either.. I'm talkin bout this guy, that it seems has entered the race for The Whitehouse and he is really givin The Hildebeast and Bobama a run for Hsu's Money !!

But his Position seems to be a little more on the Moderate (D) side than in the Ravin Moonbat sector, and just slightly left of Lieberman and maybe right of Edwards..

But I just wonder if it gives any pause to the every-day "Joe Democrat on the street" that America's NUMBER ONE Terrorist Enemy is supportin their Presidential Candidates platforms ?? I havent seen any indication of it yet ..

I guess ya'll remember me talkin bout "the writin on the wall" a few comments back, well, is it gettin any clearer yet ??

Its been released by the Authorities that Al Q had insisted that the terrorist attacks planned in Germany HAD to be done by September 15th.. And it sounds like it was just a cog in the bigger plans at work.. Ramadan starts the 13th and that has ALWAYS been an active period for the Mooselimbs and I figger that they will not disappoint this time either..

I caint wait to see how Reid and Pelosi are gonna suck-up to Osama and his latest endorsement of em !!