Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Africa's just not on our radar

Neither is Europe...South Asia...

Yet God and history will record the blood.

We're not in an American vacuum and indeed we have pressing issues of our own. Genocide in Darfur, Sudan, and virtual north/south civil war in Nigeria, Somalia, Algeria, and shifting eastward, India, Thailand and the Philipines are all fueled by Islamic jihadists.

And what about Europe?

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E.U. parliamentarian Vicious protestor subdued by jack booted thugs peace officers at 9/11 SIOE rally
The Veiling of Sculptures in Germany
by Baron Bodissey

In cities all across Germany this morning, residents woke up to find female statues in their municipalities veiled. Based on the photos, mannequins in store windows were included among those figures forced into modesty.

A press release from the group that claims responsibility for the action was emailed to us this morning:

Veiling of sculptures and statues in a Germany-wide campaign

On the 18 September 2007, several female statues and sculptures in the cities of Berlin, Braunschweig, Bremen, Hamburg, Cologne, Witten, and Wuppertal are veiled with a Burka and a headscarf.

The aim of this campaign is to point out that the European idea of “unity in variety” is valid in Germany and that democratic and liberal as well as secular thinking is one of the most precious values that is to be protected and to be advocated for.

And how about this from the U.K.'s Daily Mail?

Muslim dentist 'told patient to wear a headscarf or go elsewhere'

By STEVE DOUGHTY and JAYA NARAIN - More by this author »Last updated at 00:49am on 18th September 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketA muslim dentist made a woman wear Islamic dress as the price of accepting her as an NHS patient, it is alleged.

Omer Butt is said to have told the patient that unless she wore a headscarf she would have to find another practice.


U.N. rights chief sees bigotry in Europe on Islam

By Robert Evans Mon Sep 17, 5:08 PM ET

GENEVA (Reuters) - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour said on Monday that bigotry and prejudice, especially in regard to Muslims, were common in Europe and called on governments to tackle the issue.

The remarks from the former Canadian Supreme Court judge, which came in the wake of similar charges issued last week by a U.N. rights investigator, were quickly challenged by a leading global non-religious grouping.

The report by investigator Doudou Diene of Senegal documented what he called an alarming rise in intolerance, and in particular Islamophobia, in European countries, and Arbour said, "I have no reason not to share his concerns."

Europeans "are shocked at times when it is pointed out that bigotry, prejudice and stereotyping is still sometimes very present in their attitude to others," she said.

The 'progressives' among us (Hillary is now descibing herself as not liberal but progressive) urge us to become global citizens.

Assignment asks parents to renounce U.S. citizenship

History teacher insists letters to Bush meant only 'to start a discussion'
Posted: September 16, 2007
3:20 a.m. Eastern

© 2007

A Northern California junior high school history teacher is telling angry parents the letter to President Bush he sent home with their children for them to sign may have said they wanted to renounce their U.S. citizenship, but he never was going to mail them and he only meant for them "to start a discussion."

According to administrators at Bidwell Junior High School in Chico, Calif., the letter Mike Brooks sent home with his eighth-grade students was part of his lesson plan on the Declaration of Independence.

Brooks told the Chico Enterprise Record the letter was his attempt to put America's founding document into current language and he intended for his students to take it home for their parents to review and discuss with their children.

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[Indeed and to my shame, there was an era in which I wore that mantle. Before I traveled much of this world.]

Begs the question--"so what are we, we new 'citizens of the world'? What are our responsibilities as 'citizens of the world'? Are we to directly participate in a global struggle for social justice"?

The answer is a resounding and unequivical no.

For we are to be made to understand that it is our 'betters', our 'elites' in the U.N. and E.U. and--God save us--our own Congress and Senate, State Department et al., will set things aright.

We have no responsibilty so we can go about our daily lives unburdened by either the present or past history. We don't even have to know about such things because others will take care of them. We can whistle while we work and play.

The world actually is going to hell

in a handbasket.

So is this once and future great nation.

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