Friday, August 10, 2007

Rednecks of Film

Please don't forget Randolph Scott and Gene Autrey.

But there are, no doubt, many more unforgettable redneck characters.

August is known as a 'slow' news month--all the 'important people' are in the Hamptons, Greek Islands or Malaga, etc.

This is my official Redneck Challenge for the entire cartooniphate: find and post the best theatrically released short depicting redneck culture.

Entry cutoff date is August 31st, 2007.

These are my introductory challenges.

I sincerely hope you will all participate in finding 'Redneck Shorts' from filmography. Entrants are wide open--that is anyone can and should enter but judging of the winner(s) is limited to registered posters of RR.

1st prize: one MegaMillioins lottery ticket for the 3rd Friday in September 2007.

2nd prize: one framable losing MegaMillions ticket from the final week of August, 2007.

Notable mention: an inkblot on one square of toilet tissue that will be mailed to Sheryl Crow.