Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Russian Nukes

So much for the end of the arms race
Russia Plans New Nuclear Missile Production


The Russian Navy announced Sunday it will produce a series of intercontinental missiles for its next generation of nuclear submarines. "The last test trial of the Bulava-M at the end of June was very important...After examining the results we decided to start work on these missiles for our new armament system," navy chief Admiral Vladimir Marossin told Russian news agencies. The Bulava-M missile, with a range of more than 4,970 miles can hold up to 10 nuclear warheads...The two Bulava-M missile tests were made in 2007 and the others would be made next year. The Russian navy plans to finish all its tests of the new system in 2008...The first Bulava missile test was made in September 2005. Three Bulava-M trials in 2006 failed, but at least 10 more missile trials are scheduled for 2008. Bulava-M, the sea version of the sophisticated surface-to-surface missile Topol-M, will be fitted for nuclear submarine launchers with engine type 955. Yuri Dolgorukii, the first example of this type of submarine was launched in April 2007. Russia wants to make eight fleet ballistic missile submarines (SSBN) with Bulava technology between now and 2018. The two submarines of this generation, the Alexander Nevskii and the Vladimir Monomakh, which come after the Dolgorukii, should be up and running in 2009 and 2011, respectively.
Oh, hell--I thought Bulova just made watches.

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