Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Burr Under A Saddle

Victor Davis Hanson puts Barry Bonds to shame in his last post HERE by knockin that sucker outta the park ..

Where I left off at with the Old Westerns he picks up with Bonnie and Clyde.. B/C was the type of movie I just didnt care for.. Never have..

Except for the Saturday Matinee showin some good Shootem Ups, I lost most of my interest for movies till Patton and Mash, which was a double-feature at the time.. After that came Kelly's Heroes, The Big Red One, and The Dirty Dozen..

I kinda fizzled after that till Walkin Tall came out and that lead me to Dirty Harry, Death Wish, Leathal Weapon and Diehard.. Since those I have pretty much fizzled again..

Anymore the stuff they put out is like that old Bonnie and Clyde stuff.. Its all political propaganda and political correct bullshit.. Nowadays, if the Mrs. wants me to watch a movie with her it better be one the good old movies, or she can have all the popcorn and I'll just go dit on the porch and have a coldbeer and a ceegar !!