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J.R. Dieckmann
August 4, 2007

The first time I heard of Dennis Kucinich’s campaign slogan, “Strength Through Peace,” was last week during the CNN/YouTube Democrat debate. At first it was just a campaign slogan that didn’t mean much. But then I started thinking... Kucinich got that backwards. President Reagan showed us how “peace through strength” is the winning formula during the Cold War. Show the enemy that you are stronger and they will be not likely to attack you. Lately, we have failed to maintain the posture that won the Cold War and now appear vulnerable to our enemies, not because we don't have the strength, but because we are afraid to show it and use it.

I began to wonder what Kucinich means by “Strength Through Peace” and how a policy of “peace” can possibly result in strength. That is, how can “strength” be achieved by promoting a peace agenda that essentially tells the enemy that you refuse to fight? I decided to go to his website to see if he had offered any explanation for this anomaly. I didn’t find anything that directly addressed the slogan but his site did read like a 1970s, pot smoking, hippy manifesto - “peace at any price!”

One thing I did find on the site was a page called “Department of Peace” where Kucinich discusses his plan to create a “Department of Peace” in the Federal Government. There was also a link to another website called The Peace Alliance which has the same goal. But the most surprising find was a current House Resolution submitted by Kucinich to the House of Representatives to actually create this new department, a liberal adaptation of the Department of Defense. The bill was submitted to committee on Feb. 5, 2007 and passed through 6 related committees by the next day. It was then referred to a seventh committee on May 18th and so far, has the support of 67 cosponsors.

H.R. 808, Department of Peace and Nonviolence Act attempts to not only prevent all wars, but also attempts to prevent domestic violence everywhere in the world by creating the new Department of Peace. This department would be more accurately named the “U.S. Department Of Peace Extremists” or “US DOPES” for short. The legislation requires that “US DOPES” be funded by the taxpayers with an amount of at least 2% of the Defense Budget which would add a minimum of 8 billion dollars to the annual budget for this new bureaucracy. The bill also creates a national “peace day”. I suppose the day would be celebrated by everyone sitting around all day smoking joints and singing “Kumbyah”.

The next time America is attacked or threatened by a foreign enemy, we call on the Department of Peace to defend the country. They will respond by sending out negotiators and foreign aid to the attackers which will either make them see things our way, or make us see things their way. That is the premise of the bill.

“We must change the metaphor of our society from one of war to one of peace. The Department of Defense now requires in excess of $400 billion for its activities. A Department of Peace can be an effective counterbalance, redirecting our national energies towards nonviolent intervention, mediation, and conflict resolution on all matters of human security.”

That sounds a lot like what the State Department does, with few results. What a wonderful and caring thought, but it overlooks just one thing. We have barbaric, rogue enemies who want to destroy us because we support Israel and don’t subscribe to their religion. How do we convince them to adopt a philosophy of peace? No matter how much we try to change American society, it won’t change societies in other countries. Kucinich seems to assume that the United States is solely responsible for war while ignoring the fact that we are responding to attacks and threats made against our country which will certainly continue if we fail to fight back as he suggests. We tried appeasement long enough; it doesn’t work. And neither will Kucinich’s Dept. of Peace even if we invested our entire GDP into it. Only when all parties on the face of the planet desire peace can it be achieved. Our push for peace is seen only as weakness by our current Islamic enemy who has been, and will continue to use it in propaganda against us.
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