Thursday, May 31, 2007


Gates Of Vienna is a blog I visit most days for its posts largely covering Northern Europe. As the lands of my ancestors (Denmark and Britain) and leaders of the glorious march forward to the promised workers' paradise, I look there to see what roads down which this great nation may take. Roads littered with political IEDs and social EPPs.

I often comment there, and at times get a little rowdy with some that defend systems in place, defend their oh so informed post-Christian society, and generally deny the directions taken that have led to their impending demise. They do recognize that they are in danger of losing Europe--just deny that their cleverly crafted socialist system is to blame.

FDR is credited with instituting Social Security and, to a nation reeling out of the Great Depression, it probably seemed like a whizbang good idea at the time. For a minimal paycheck contribution, a citizen would receive a guaranteed pension at retirement or in the event of a work-stopping injury or illness.

But it has morphed into what it must--a ravening beast demanding to be fed. A beast that always assumed that each subsequent generation would be big enough to maintain its unstoppable and increasing Ponzi hunger. Which brings us to the decision to document and collect taxes and FICA of 12 to 20 million (some estimate 60 million in 20 years) new workers already here and open the gates to ever more each year.


Forgive me for paraphrasing the inimitable Mark Steyn but I lent America Alone to my sister and simply have to do my best.

Steyn's statemen went very close to this--that subjects of the UK of 1906, when the empire was at its height, could never imagine that their country could or would ever lose its power and prestige.

This is one of those lessons that I hope my American compatriots do not scoff at.

The very same pathetic seeds that currently currently grow as choking masses of weeds in Europe have been planted here. Today, many of the prime proponents of such hold positions of considerable authority--power given by a minority of Americans and an apathy to participate in the election of '06 by a large majority. On this last day of May 2007 the public seems to be clearly saying that the present immigration bill is not acceptable but there's a clear danger that it will be passed.

Many voting districts have already legislated that it is against the law to demand any form of identification before voting.

We face the prospect of 12 to 20 million new 'voters' with no investment in American ideals.

It truly is the immigration bill and the election next year that the long-term future of this nation hinge upon.