Wednesday, May 23, 2007



When African-American James Byrd was killed by dragging his body behind a pickup it was national news.

When gay Mat Shepherd was beaten to death it was national news.

Horrible crimes commited by white men.

When Crystal Gail Mangum accused the Duke University Lacrosse team of rape it was national news and inspired a frenzy of beathless reporting, statements by Sharpton and Jackson, 88 Duke faculty members went on record excoriating what would become known as the Duke Lacrosse Scandal.

The scandal was that an African-American woman, who supported herself in a dubious manner, would be believed over affluent young white men.

A horrible crime commited by a demented black woman against innocent whites.

But if victims are white and heterosexual, and the perpetrators are African-American, the MSM finds its social conscience and censors itself.

In a carjack/kidnap/rape/double homicide that one would think a particularly heinous crime (the kind of if it bleeds it leads story the MSM usually adore) national media are silent.

Returning from a date this past January, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were carjacked and kidnapped at gunpoint.

Newsom's body was discovered near railroad tracks in North Knoxville by police. His mutilated and burned body was found wrapped in a sheet and/or comforter. His penis was missing and he showed antemortem signs of beating.

University of Tennessee student Channon Christian's father contacted her cell phone provider that located the nearest tower and thus narrowed the search for the phone. This led police to find the young woman's SUV and a fingerprint on the vehicle matched that of recently released felon Lemaricus Davidson.

Warrants were issued and police found Christian's body in a kitchen trash can in Davidson's home.

Besides Davidson, four others have been arraigned and await trial not expected to begin before May, 2008. They are Latalvis Cobbins, Eric Boyd, George Thomas and Vanessa Coleman.

Additional current details are here.


Media loved the Natalee Holloway case--no one expected us to go to war with Aruba.

Is that what they fear in honestly reporting this--that it might trigger some sort of race war? It's the news and the only place you will find it is local Knoxville outlets.

This begs a question. We all recognize that the MSM spins for the left. We see this in what's reported and the way in which it is reported. Bernard Goldberg is one great exposer of this phenomena.

But what stories that should be of national interest are we just not getting?