Sunday, May 13, 2007


Aztlan Electronic News - The racist electorate of Farmers Branch, Texas has approved by a 68% – 32% vote, an ordinance that would fine landlords and property managers $500.00 for renting to the undocumented.

Councilman Tim O'Hare, the measure’s main advocate, contends that the city’s economy and quality of life will improve if undocumented residents are prohibited from settling in Farmers Brach. The measure’s approval arrives in the shadow of an article published last week on the website that shows a number of cities having difficulty raising the funds needed to defend such racist ordinances in court. The Farmers Branch ordinance was one of the cities named in the article.

Farmers Branch currently faces 4 lawsuits and it is likely more will be filed now that the measure has passed. Lawsuits questioning the constitutionality of immigration laws passed at the local level have so far been able to stave off the implementation of these laws. The constitution grants the federal government sole control of immigration to the country.

Nevertheless, hate filled measures such as the Farmers Branch ordinance have been voted on by 90 cities throughout the U.S.

Farmers Brach has produced some of the most heated debates and protests.

Opponents of the measure contend that it turns landlords and managers into immigration agents.

The measure was originally approved by the city council in November ‘07, but watered down in January of this year.