Thursday, March 22, 2007

Shamnesty Alert!

What is in the new amnesty bill?

Rosemary Jenks, NumbersUSA Director of Government Relations, wrote the following based on what Rep. Flake and Rep. Gutierrez have been telling the media is in their bill. The actual text of the bill has not yet been released.

Every illegal alien who could produce marginally plausible “evidence” that he/she had been illegally present in the United States since June 1, 2006, would get amnesty and be put on the path to US citizenship.

In exchange for the highest honor our country has to bestow, the illegal alien would have to pay $2,000, pass a criminal record check, pay at least some of any income taxes he/she had chosen not to pay while working illegally, and learn some English. The already overburdened and error-prone U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) would be responsible for ensuring that applicants meet these criteria and for handing out temporary visas and work permits to 12-plus million illegal aliens.

After the no-longer illegal aliens had been in temporary status for six years, USCIS would issue green cards to those who had learned passable English and, in the case of some heads of household, had traveled outside the United States (to any other
country, not necessarily their own) for a short time. Single heads of household, children, the elderly, business owners, and those in the military would be exempt from the travel requirement. (Any criminals and terrorists whose fingerprints were not yet on file with the FBI would then have official documents in whateve name they chose to provide USCIS during the first phase of the amnesty.)

Lest any illegals be left out of the general amnesty, the bill includes two others for which they could qualify: the AgJOBS amnesty for those claiming to have performed agricultural work in the United States(the fraud rate for a similar amnesty in 1986 is estimated at 70%. At least one of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers getting a green card, which he used to fly to Afghanistan for terrorist training) and the DREAM Act amnesty for those who received a US taxpayer-funded high school diploma or an equivalent.

To ensure a constant flow of cheap labor into the United States, the bill would create a worker importation program for an additional 400,000 foreign “guest” workers each year, all of whom would be given the choice to stay permanently, as long as they weren’t caught committing a crime or terrorist act before they applied. DHS would have to certify that it is capable of verifying workers’ legal status before this new program could take effect.

As a bone to lawmakers who believe that the laws they pass should actually be enforced, the bill would mandate that all employers eventually verify the legal status of their workforce and it would increase penalties for those who fail to do so. It would also authorize an increase in the number of border enforcement personnel and in enforcement technology.

Finally, as icing on this rich enforcement cake, the bill would create a “North American security perimeter” that would establish Mexico as our first—and only—line of defense against any security threat from the south.

Time to call your Representatives!