Friday, October 13, 2006


Lets reflect for a moment upon our time together in the Blogosphere. Blogging has allowed me to document, in front of potentially the entire world, my thoughts on the events that have occurred in our world over the last several years. I can’t look back on my linear-progressive body of daily thoughts without observing a definite trend towards negativity. The dark side of my personality has certainly found a willing accomplice in this Redneck Texan persona. But it’s gotten to the point that my written honesty stares back at me like a monster in the mirror.

This experience in uncensored self-expression began against the backdrop of American armor rolling into Iraq. Back in that brief window of time between the anger fueled patriotism that abounded after we watched the WTC tumble to the ground, and the inevitable return of undermining partisanship. We were doing the right thing, putting a boot up their ass for jackin with the wrong boys. We had just introduced the mighty Pashtun warriors of Afghanistan to a health dose on unabashed carpet bombing, and were now slicing our way through southern Iraq working under the assumption everyone standing in our path was a Saddam loyalist deserving of a 50cal. round in the head, or the back, on our way to freeing his long oppressed people. As we planted our flag in Baghdad we were also planting the seed of Democracy and Freedom in the Middle East, so that it could grow an enlightened population of peaceful freedom loving Muslims we could partner with to reform the violent culture that was constantly sending religiously brainwashed Jihadis against us.

But shortly after we helped tear down Saddam’s statue I started to have a problem with the way we were prosecuting the peace. We were posting individual soldiers in front of banks and scratching our heads when they became sniper fodder. The charred remains of Americans were being dragged through the streets and we were responding by handing out candy and soccer balls to these killer’s kids. It was about that time that I suggested we round up all the women and children in Fallujah and start putting a bullet in one of them’s heads every 10 minutes until the men of Fallujah brought us the perpetrators of the dragging, That would have sent a powerful message to the insurgents that we were not just fuckin around, and that we were more committed to victory than they were. What we ended up actually doing to Fallajah was pretty cool too, but it came months afterward, because the timing had to be choreographed with our elections, or rather the day after if I’m not mistaken. While doing the same thing to Baghdad was never even under consideration.

Then there was the case of the radical militant Shiite Cleric Sadr, who’s armed followers we were mowing down with Spectra gunships on our way to serve him his arrest warrant for accessory to murder charges, then after killing our way through the Najaf cemetery, twice, and surrounding his main fortress Mosque, we disengaged and withdrew on the advice of the head Ayatollah, who had become our chief advisor on occupation policy by that time. I was calling for the use of fuel-air explosives on the mosque to send a message to the enemy that taking sanctuary in a holy shrine only guaranteed the destruction of both themselves and that shrine. But the prevailing logic of the day dismissed my sinister plans as unrealistic and could cost us the good will of the Shiite masses. That of course would be the same purple fingered Shiite masses that are roaming around today torturing and killing close to a thousand of their fellow Iraqis a week these days. Which when combined with their murderous cousins from the Sunni tribes form an unchecked force of killers in civilian uniform that will never allow a self-sustaining Democracy to survive in the absence of our firepower. Which really, works for me, I just wanted someone to kill their uppity Muslim asses, having other Muslims doing the trigger work achieved my desired results. I wish it could be American controlled death squads torturing / killing a hundred Muslims every weekend, but I was learning to take my death porn however I could get it.

Then the evil Redneck had another unpopular dark epiphany after he saw the list of Islamic cleric vetted candidates for elected office in Iraq. That allowing Muslims to vote for a leader of their choice was maybe not in ours, or their’s, best interests. All the signs were there during the Constitution writing process. Unlike after we used nuclear weapons to break the Japanese’s warrior spirit, and forced a cultural change upon them in the form of imposing a Constitution that reflected our cultural values, in Iraq we allowed an Islamic Cleric to vet every line. There’s so much Islamic law incorporated into it it would make a nice reading companion for the Koran in the Pakistani madrases that are still churning out holy warriors across the border we will not cross for political reasons. Hamas and Hezbollah victories in Palestine and Lebanon shortly thereafter confirmed my newfound suspicions about whether or not the Muslim world was capable of making a responsible choice if presented with the opportunity, and casted doubt upon whether Bush & Co. were really thinking our doctrine all the way through. Were they taking all the cultural differences into consideration while trying to force a political system that has worked so well in the past in more peaceful and productive societies on a culture that had not advanced to the point of ever achieving it without outside force? Having been taught all my life that spreading Democracy throughout the world was America’s role in human history, it wasn’t easy to be undemocratic before undemocratic was cool, but all the evidence was pointing to the fact that standing up a brutal dictator, who was more scared of us than his people, was in both ours and the Muslim masses best interests, once they proved they couldn't handle the responsibilities that go along with freedom and democracy. I've also taken note since then that the Ukraine's Orange Revolution, that much televised demonstration where democratic change was ushered in by the people demanding free and fair elections, has not gotten a single MSM mention since they have booted the much heralded free-market capitalist out on their asses after only a single cold winter without subsidized natural gas. Even though they're not Muslims, the startup procedures for a free market capitalist Democracy were too complicated for their Slavic minds as well.

Then I applied the lessons learned while observing what happens when you let stupid people vote to the changing electoral demographics in America itself. We have a growing population of registered to vote idiots ourselves. I had to see beyond my lifelong conditioning to even allow myself to consider the possibility that letting all people, regardless how stupid they are, have an equal say in the direction of our government's policies, might not always be as successful in the future as it has been in our past. If you ask yourself why America, with the most powerful military the world has ever seen, settled for stalemate in Korea, defeat in Vietnam, and is now showing a lack of wiliness to wage total war on our modern religiously motivated civilian enemies, the blame has to land squarely in the lap of the divisive American people, and the fact that keys to power in America lie as much in the hands of spineless cowards as it does the most died in the wool patriot......both can pull a lever in the ballot box. If you cant see the long term flaws in a system, corrupted by special interest funded elections, that allows people to choose leaders that promise to look after their personal needs over the needs of the nation as a whole, then I have to question whether you are being entirely objective on the matter. Everyone knows our political system is not perfect, but only a deranged Redneck would suggest that we would be better off if all undermining liberals were rounded up at gunpoint and re-educated in internment camps during times of war.

Along the path of sharing my innermost feelings with my friends in the blogosphere I have dropped some subtle hints along the way about my preference to live and raise my children in as ethnically homogeneous a society as possible. I have maintained that that is a hard wired characteristic of a normally functioning human brain, and that despite years of conditioning at gunpoint during reconstruction, reinforced with threats of imprisonment during the civil rights era, combined with a decades long propaganda campaign aimed at our shaping our children's perspective on the subject, the instinct still runs deep in the psyche of myself and my real-world peers. Pulitzer prizes are awarded to MSM reporters who can dig up the atypical case of a Caucasian committed hate crime, but it seems that society has turned a blind eye to the fact that much more often than not we have become the lynchee, and that in the vast majorities of the neighborhoods in the urban county I was raised in, if I were to walk down the streets unarmed, I would be targeted for ethnic violence. And I just cant seem to shrug it off as constructive progress when I drive through the streets of my American hometown and pass through mile long stretches where the signs on all the businesses are not in English. Its common knowledge that schools with high minority ratios score well below the average of schools that dont, whats amazing is all the excuses we have made for why thats true. It has become forbidden to speak the obvious truth. If you did the minorities would react not unlike like a Muslim defending his blasphemed prophet.....and nobody wants that, so lets ignore the truth, despite the fact that the demographic trends point to them having an electoral majority nationwide later this century. I am sure I am not the only one who has seen the cultural fabric of America altered in a negative way, but I do seem to be one of the few suggesting we repeal the 14th Amendment, retroactively, and line our borders with claymore mines and machine gun nests.

So when you look back and put all my documented POVs together, an ugly picture starts to emerge. I want to live in an homogeneous society, have a brutal military that ignores Geneva Conventions, tortures our enemies, mows down entire civilian populations to assure we get the resistors disguised as civilians, stands up un-democratic dictators to do our bidding in the third world, suppress the ability of our citizens to undermine our military strategy, allows no dissent from citizens who dont have the best interests of our nation as a whole having a say in policy, and militarize our borders, shooting everyone we catch trying to cross them.......Basically it appears that I want to live in China, Russia, or maybe even North Korea. Apparently I am a Commie at heart and just didn't know it.

But I'm really not. I bask in my freedom and relative prosperity. All my evil plans are designed with one single overriding factor in keep me and my family free and as secure as possible from those harboring ill will towards us.

I just dont see how anyone can look at the threat deranged Islamic killers pose to our long term security, and think that somehow, someday, without us committing wholesale slaughter, its going to somehow magically "get better" down the road. I dont see how anyone can look at our plans to sanction Iran and North Korea and honestly believe the are going to achieve their stated goals of keeping the nuclear flame out of their irrational hands. I dont see how anyone can see whats happening in what is now free and Democratic Iraq and Afghanistan and think that we will ever be able to leave a stable peaceful Democracy behind after we inevitably withdraw due to our internal ideological / political swerving. And I dont see how anyone can look at the shifting demographics of America and conclude our great grand-children are going to live in a better, more stable country, than we did, and honestly embrace these changes in the fabric of our society as a positive development for our nation.

And ultimately I dont see how anyone thinks pulling the lever beside a Republican's name at the voting booth is going to do anything but continue the downhill slide at anything other than maybe a slightly less steep slope. We are on the certain demographic path to voting in a permanent string of socialism promoting regimes, its just a matter of when the current socialist's slight electoral disadvantage has been permanently swung to their favor on a permanent basis. Israel is in the same Democratic paradox we are, at some point the Israeli Muslims, if allowed to continue to vote, are going to reach the electoral threshold needed to permanently alter the nation's course from that which it's founders intended.

But it has gotten to the point to where here recently I have been wanting to fast forward time to the point of our demise, the low point on this path of appeasing policies, the point in time in which the folly of our domestic and foreign policies come home to roost in the form of an attack on our homeland that fundamentally alters our approach to both our enemies and our domestic underminers. I am talkin about no food in supermarkets, or fuel for our livelihood. Starvation due to lack of self-sufficiency, deaths due to lack of functioning medical centers, and widespread house to house looting / ethic cleansing while looking for the essentials of survival. And the repulsive thought of being a cheerleader for this society cleansing catalyst event is forcing me to draw the line and fundamentally rethink my approach to life.

I need to chill, and be like the vast majority of our fellow Americans and stop caring so much about the long term indicators regarding America's prosperity at home, and our status in the future global pecking order, and just let inevitability pass while I am oblivious to the decline. So what if we fail to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of every 3rd world megalomaniac that wants them. Who cares if Pakistan's nuclear arsenal falls into the hands of Islamic radicals the MSM refers to as "civilians". Why should I give a shit if America ranks somewhere near the bottom of the pack in education by the middle of this century. I'll be dead by then man. Let my kids figure out what to do about that, just like our parents left the North Korean problem for us to deal with. I am going to make it a point to sit down and watch Oprah everyday, just so I can get in sync with the majority of my fellow Americans. I bet she has plenty of good advise on whats best for us, and I need to start keeping up with Dancing with the Stars too, because everybody at the office is always asking me if I seen the last episode, so it must be great. You know, the people in Spain, Italy, and Turkey have gotten used to being a former superpower, hell I guess I can too. I never really liked be a member of the Anglosphere anyway. Do they sell Che' T-shirts at Wal-Mart? I am thinkin those radical hippies in the 60s were on to something with this "make love not war" stuff. I betcha if we just stopped sending our soldiers into foreign countries the world would not hate us so much. Then maybe all the world's conflicts would come to an end if all the world leaders would just sit down at the UN and work out our differences in a civilized diplomatic matter. Diplomacy works, our diplomats know more about how the world works than I do, and there's nothing wrong with compromising with our enemies if that will keep them happy for awhile.

Kumbaya baby, Kumbaya.