Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I know, you didn't expect that. But believe it or not, I am a man of principle and I've decided that this blog is the more appropriate venue for the first thoughts on this. First though, some context.

As some of you know, I'm all about enlarging the House. The pitiful ratio of representatives to people we have today makes us more akin to countries like syria and iran than the UK or France (yes, France, god damn it, they helped us win the revolution).

Now, one of the biggest strains on that ratio is the gigantic increase in people... regardless of good ol' fashioned baby-making, we got a lot of people streaming across the border.

In fact, we have more people streaming across the southern border than we have had people immigrating to the US in the first 100+ years of its existence.

Not a problem, say I and all Madisonians. We've got the procedure for whatever substance you throw at us. But of course, quantitative shifts can sometimes cause qualitative shifts. See Hegel's Science of Logic for why, but it is so... so what does that mean?

It means that gigantic, sustained, huge leaps in any one immigrant community lopsidedly, and matter of factly, completely changes the balance of power... and to what effect?

Generally, the case of immigration is that one wants to go there to avoid here (here being some shit hole in the middle of nowhere). That is the ethos of immigration... indeed, at one time, the ethos of illegal immigration.

But that is no longer the case in America. We have a large, rapidly growing population of illegal immigrants that no longer want to call America their home. Instead, they want to slice off a piece of America and send it back their true "home".

Here's what needs to happen. The solution is so simple, I'm stunned by it (it is not my own, but the author of it wants no publicity).

First, the Democrats (of all) need to become a bit more protectionist than they are today. Not over the top. But lets be honest, who is going to stick up for the hourly wage worker... Republicans, or Democrats? We don't need dynamics, just enough of a stand to make a point.

Second, Republicans need to get over the idea that all businesses are created equal. Some are... some are not.

Third, the government needs to tax all businesses an immigration tax (actually, it's an illegal immigrant tax and it targets day labor intensive businesses). To disqualify for the tax, all a legitmate business grossing over 10M a year needs to do is document all its workers and provide verification for those documents.

That's right. Tax.

Tax businesses that fail to hire legal citizens. And spend on businesses that do so. Oh, I forgot that part. The revenues generated will be spent on providing income tax credits to businesses that have provided legitimate and verified documentation of their workers.

You want to make money here? Make it legally. End of story.

The reason for my remiss is simple... the immigration issue we are experiencing today is massive. Much more massive than any before. And most importantly, it involves people who have absolutely no experience with self-government and common law. As a result, these institutions are jeopardy beyond their capacity if allowed to go unchecked.

Makes you wonder why Republicans were too afraid to bring this to market.