Sunday, October 08, 2006

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On the bright side.....lurking is way up!!!

You may have noticed the new recent comments function (lower one). I hope you like it better than the old top one (last-halo), because I am still pissed at Last-halo for making me pay for them to stop serving ads over all haloscan threads accessed from the sidebar. I am probably going to shit can the top one, for sure before I have to pony up again. The bottom one I can configure, which means I can determine how many recent comments show 0-20, and I can configure whether it shows a summary or just the name. The bottom one is a new in-house recent comments function provided by Haloscan itself (thanks Jeevan), and I have noticed that it displays comments without the delay associated with the top one, which is relying on Haloscan's RSS feed that is only updated once every 10 minutes. The new one is tied directly into Haloscan's database (its faster). Also there have been many times in the past where LastHalo's server were down, and it slowed down loading the front page waiting to time out, that shouldn't happen once I shit can Last-Halo.

Feedback, as always, is welcomed.

Btw....reminder to all contributors.

If you want to post YouTube videos on the front page, its simply a matter of copy & pasting the embed code provided at YouTube:

Carry on....or not.