Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Steven Vincent: Bloggers remember one of their own

"Steven Vincent was murdered in Basra, Iraq, one year ago on August 2, 2005, because he went where other journalists wouldn't."

I started reading Steven's blog, In The Red Zone and his articles on other selected websites, long before I understood just what he was doing and why. Gradually I began to see the man and his mission. And a mission it was to him. It had driven him out of a confortable life with a beautiful, loving wife into a country far away both in distance and culture.

I can look back now with regret for deleting the two emails I traded with him. Little did I know at the time, how valuable they would become to me.

Even if I can't remember the words exactly, I can remember his down home feelings about the Iraqis and the struggle that they were in. I say down home, because he talked like many were part of his family, and he worried about them in the same way.

I almost missed this first anniversary of his death, until I just happened on the "Kesher Talk" blog looking for more takes on the current conflict that Israel is suffering under. I like millions of others had forgotten what happened this day one year ago.

I do remember my own reaction. It may sound melodramtic, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. I actually couldn't think or respond for some time that day to anything, as my thoughts were on Steven's untimely death and the circumstances of his death and my raging hatred of the animals that had murdered him.

Please go to Kessher Talk (click on the title above) and read and remember the man who wanted to help, who wanted to tell the world of the importance of what was going on in Iraq. It's really a crime that most people didn't know of him or appriciate his work until his death.

I did, but I was only a dumb West Texas ol' man, but he took the time to answer my emails.

That my friends, is the kind of man he was.

Papa Ray
West Texas