Sunday, July 23, 2006

Planned for "Over a year"

Liberal blogs are awash with stories concerning the Israeli army and speculation that Israel has planned to invade Lebanon for over a year. Apparently for them, the fact that Israel has planned an offensive against an enemy and rehearsed this plan for quite some time is evidence of something very wrong. The original story appears here.

Professor Cole, stokes further fears of neocon incompetence with this newly published evidence, and poses a dozen straw men under the name "Rumsfeld World".

Let's get something clear here. Israel prepares for all sorts of shit. That isn't a crime. That is good policy. If we had prepared for more "bad day" events, we might not find ourselves bottom feeding in Iraq right now.

Most importantly though, every single blogger out there and reporter, and "professor" who is writing about this seems to forget evidence of the very same thing appyling to the other side! Why do they universally overlook Hizbullah's "planning", "rehearsal", and indeed "dress rehearsal" of the very same operation which got us in the mess back in 2005.

I can't find a lot of good, reliable posts on this that aren't in a foreign language (wonder why that is?) but I can tell with you a great deal of certainty that the al-Ghajar raid by Hizbullah back in November and December of 2005 was the latest in a string of practice performances whereby they would abduct Israelis soldiers.

Most often, Israel would foil the attempt, and respond with devastating force. The dance was well known and anyone who has ever spent time in or talked to people from Ghajar know what this is all about.

But that isn't really the point. The main point here is to wonder aloud why it is that Israel practicing for this contingency is considered so wrong while Hizbullah practicing for it is considered unmentionable? Mind blowing. Absolutely mind blowing.