Friday, April 21, 2006

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Big Brother Is Watching WHO??
Fri, 14 Apr '06

TSA "Terrorist" Turns Out To Be A Homeward-Bound Marine
by ANN Senior Correspondent Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien
The Transportation Security Administration bagged a terrorist in Los Angeles International Airport Tuesday, or so they thought. Daniel Brown's name came up on their no-fly watchlist, so they dragged him into interrogation and grilled him, despite the protestations of Brown and his fellow travelers, who swore they could vouch for him.

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This is almost as bad as the homecoming my generation had coming back from Vietnam. I'm sure Sgt. Brown would agree.

I'm sure that most that frequent this site would agree that there is something going on, something going wrong with this Republic. Oh yea, you could say this is just plain stupidity, minor officials that have had their brains addled by their "assumed" position of POWER in their positions. While that may be true, they were given those assumptions by our government, by those who we have elected to represent us.

I don't think this is exactly what we voted for, or what we want out of our officials that are supposed to be protecting us.

Let me just say this. Someday, in the future, a kid is going to ask his Grandparents this question. "Gram Pa (or Gram Ma), when our country was being taken over by the liberals and by the Islamics and the Mexicans, what did you do to stop it?

I hope that Gram Pa (or Gram Ma) can say that he tried his best to stop it and was not one of those that just complained and didn't really do anything...anything at all.

I can't afford to go to D.C. and protest, so I send emails and snail mails to my congressVARMITS.

I can afford to go to my friends ranch on the Texas border and help him protect it. I just returned from a two week stay with him.
We are both now, in the process of joining the Texas Minutemen.

My Sweet Sarah and I talked on the phone everyday. I tried to explain before I left and everytime we talked what I was doing. I kept it simple, as she is only five, by telling her that "I was helping keep her and her Mamma safe by watching out for the bad guys." Her reaction has been good, positive and she has not been scared or too concerned for me. After all, I have been protecting her and her stuffed animal friends for these last five years and she thinks that I am "the best papa". See what responsibilites and challenges "playing animals" with my Sweet Sarah has laid upon me.

Well, I am going to do my best, for as long as I can, God Willing.

Papa Ray
West Texas