Sunday, April 09, 2006

Surviving Defeat

I have never been overly thrilled with America's response to Islam's cultural warriors attacking the symbols of American economic and military power at its heart.

It had been a long time since one of our adversaries for global control had been brazen enough to overtly kill Americans on American soil, and it stoked my nationalistic bloodlust for victory at all cost, because now, for the first time in the history of our nation the Atlantic Ocean was not a barrier between us and our Asian enemies.

After Sept 11th I wanted to send a message back to the religious hatred fueled culture that produced these cowardly civilian soldiers that they had just awoken the potential for the destruction of their society that we are, on paper, technically capable of. But it hasn't unfolded exactly the way I had wished for. I was hoping to target the Islamic Clergy, the source of terror, for destruction.....not for facilitating their rise to legitimate power by allowing all the Islamic people to cast their Cleric's proxy vote at the ballot box.

I am on record as having suggested a more brutal path to victory be taken. I didn't see "not wanting the Shiite majority to turn against us in Iraq", or the fact that the leader who ordered the attack against our homeland has relocated to a nuclear armed Islamic nation as insurmountable obstacles between us and victory, and still don't. If we are not politically capable to attack them in their mosques, at least its encouraging to see them attacking each others symbols of power instead of mine.

But what I have discovered is that defeat starts at home, and it started way before a wing of our Pentagon was destroyed.

Have you ever wondered exactly why civilizations closer to the original cradle and much older than ours would appear to be so primitive and tribal relative to the newer ones? Those ethnic groups have lived together for a long long time, yet their bloodlust appears eternal? Why do you figure older societies are less advanced and poorer than ours?

Is it just a coincidence that the Anglosphere nations of Britain, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as western European nations wield a disproportionate amount of power and influence in the world that they do? Is the fact that our nation was built primarily from immigrants from Europe any factor whatsoever in making America a global superpower? Our founders took what parts of European society and politics they liked, and trimmed off all the Religious and Monarchy fat, and they left us with a political system designed to empower the people, almost entirely of European descent at the time, with the power to choose our nations path at the ballot box.

But there was a vast uncharted, yet not unoccupied, wilderness that lay to the west of our founders, and Anglo control needed to be extended to the Pacific, and without any signs of remorse it was, at the expense of the original inhabitant's way of life. Our ancestors were not afraid to let something as trivial as fairness stand between them and their plans to control the Continent. Visions of Manifest Destiny resided in everyone born on what was then the extent of US soil, and how many indigenous people had the fabric of their society engulfed by our unabashed spread of our European / American cultural values was not a factor in our political decision making processes of the time period.

One obstacle that lied in our ancestors path was the fact that Texas and what is now the American southwest laid in the legitimate hands of Mexico. In Texas, my ancestors were originally invited into Mexican territory to bring some of the gringo wealth to a relatively thinly populated section of Northern Mexico, and once we became a significant minority we decided that our values should be the dominant ones here, so we took it away from Mexico by the use of un-remorseful force. After we joined the US, the US government laid plans for taking away New Mexico, Arizona, and California from Mexico in the form of a purchase, but Mexico, still reeling from the loss of Texas, put nationalism over their desperate need for US cash. Their supposed rejection of the offer was good enough at the time to get a declaration of war out of the US congress, and after 25000 Mexicans died opposing our storming of their frontier garrisons, blockading their ports, and occupying their Capital, our original generous offer suddenly became much more appealing to them, because in exchange for the vast territories, we would kindly remove our troops from their Capital in addition to writing the check.

We then filled these ceded territories up with the waves of inter-continental migration of Americans from European descent from the East, to the point that the tools of democracy assured their grasp of political / economic control of these hard won territories.

Apparently. after a century of studying our chosen form of government, our conquered neighbors to the south were taking notes about the inherent weaknesses of our political system that was designed to protect us from an internal tyrant, not from migrating hordes of invaders. And they are using our democratic tools to reestablish control of the territories they lost by treaty, as every good Mexican had never accepted the permanence of their loss of control at the hands of our more adventurous ancestors, who were wielding more advanced weapons and tactics than theirs were.

Does it make any sense whatsoever to have a law the makes immigrating to America without a green card illegal, but allowing their offspring the full rights of citizenship? A pair of illegal aliens can turn into a dominant voting block in less than a few generations. I seen 500000 of them walking the streets of my hometown am I supposed to react to this development?

Should I embrace the whole concept that political control of the region has been wrestled away from the demographic of the descendants that shed their blood and treasure to acquire? Should I embrace the fact that loopholes in our immigration laws designed to punish the South during reconstruction have negated Anglo control over the region we went to war to steal? Has payback just came and bit me in the ass, and there is not a damn thing I can do about it?

Sadly, the answer is yes. Today my region, later this century the keys to power nationwide will be in the hands of the descendants of non-European immigrants, and America will be a microcosm of the UN in the 23rd century if the trend continues.....which it inevitably will. Our political system is designed to reflect the will of the dominant voting block, and my demographic will be ejected from national power just like it has already been from the seats of local urban power. I need to find a way to smile when my grandkids ask me what it was like back in the days when America was a reflection of European cultural values, I am still working out the finer details of that speech.

Like I mentioned above, the reason America hasn't made more clear progress towards proper retribution for the repeated attacks our Islamic enemy has bestowed upon us is of domestic origin. We are gonna have to win the war at home before we ever think about winning another protracted one on foreign soil that spans more than one election cycle here. Winning strategies are inconceivable in our divisive domestic political environment. Compromising with the anti-war statesmen elected by the good people of Massachusetts and Northern California assures no effective strategy can be projected abroad, and now with legal descendants of our former enemy to the south in the role of partisan kingmakers in the US, I rest assured the political courting of that illegitimately garnered voting block will prevent any meaningful legislation that repulses their bloodless coup attempt that we so kindly enabled via the 14th amendment.

I think its becoming clear to me why the older civilizations have fallen from their past perches of empire and regional omnipotence and are less powerful than the newer ones...... they at some point took Carlos Santana's advice and "changed their evil ways, baby". Empires are built on the backs of evil deeds. My ancestors wrestled control of their destiny through means that would never pass today's litmus test of political correctness, I got to give Carlos credit, his ancestors wrestled it back with ballots in lieu of just would have been a lot funnier if the migrating hordes had launched their invasion across the US / Quebec border into New England first.

What direction shall I point the wagon train?