Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Simcox ultimatum to Bush: `Build fence or Minutemen will'

TUCSON, Ariz. Minuteman border watch leader Chris Simcox has a message for President Bush -- build new security fencing along the border or private citizens will.

Simcox says he's also sending an ultimatum to the president to deploy military reserves and the National Guard to the Arizona border by May 25th, or Minuteman volunteers and supporters will break ground and start erecting fencing privately.

The Minuteman leader says a half-dozen landowners along the Arizona-Mexico border say they'll allow fencing to be placed on their borderlands.

Simcox says the border barrier-and-fencing complex would include a six-foot deep trench so a vehicle can't crash through.

Other features may include coiled, razor-edged barbed wire, in front of a 15-foot high heavy-gauge steel mesh fence angled outward at the top.


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