Monday, April 17, 2006

The Results Are Still Out On Tanks

Women and Hot Rods Don’t Mix: Insurance Co. Study
April 17, 2006

A Women-only auto insurance company has found women driving high-performance cars are 10 times more likely to suffer a crash than those driving ordinary cars.

The findings were released by Diamond, a British Insurance Company specializing in car insurance for women. The study was based on research into the accident history of their own 260,000 policy holders.

Female drivers of high performance cars like the Honda S2000, the BMW M3, and the Subaru Impreza Turbo suffered accidents at a greatly increased rate compared to women who drove vehicles like the Ford Fiesta, the Nissan Micra and the Peugeot 106.

The study showed, for example, that Female Honda S2000 drivers were 14 times more likely to crash than females drivers of the Ford Fiesta Ghia.

British press reports quoted a statement from Diamond managing director Sian Lewis:

“This research does not mean that women are now becoming worse drivers, but does show that some women driving high-performance cars are having more frequent accidents than those driving everyday cars.

“Women driving high-performance cars have become more commonplace recently. In fact, in the last five years we have seen a five-fold increase in the amount of these cars that we have on cover.

“These cars are great fun to drive, but the power that they possess must be respected as accidents can happen all too easily.”