Wednesday, April 26, 2006


WASHINGTON (AFP) - Hundreds of US soldiers wounded in Iraq have been hounded by bill collectors for military debts after coming home, US television reported.

In one case the Army demanded a soldier repay a 2,700 dollar enlistment bonus because he only served two years of a three year tour -- even though it was a mortar blast in Iraq that cut short his service, according to the ABC News report.

In another case, the army mistakenly continued paying a combat bonus to a soldier while he recuperated from a roadside bomb that nearly severed his leg -- then sought to get 2,000 dollars of it back.

"By law, he's not entitled to the money, so he must pay it back," Colonel Richard Shrank, the head of the US Army Finance Command, was quoted as saying.

The cases were unveiled in a report by the Government Accountability Office, which oversees public spending for Congress, according to ABC. The GAO report is to be released Thursday.

The report "found hundreds of wounded soldiers were turned over to collection agencies for military debts incurred though no fault of their own," ABC said.

How bout they leave the Troops alone and start chargin the Dems for all the GOTDAM worthless Inquiries and Councils and Investigations and Panels that have been called and installed that have come up emty handed and have been for nothin else than to try and get DIRT on the present Administration.. AND FUGGIN FAILED !! Any body have an idea how much the slime campaign of Fitzgerald has cost us in the last FEW YEARS that he has been shakin the trees ?? And how much did the Clinton CYA JOB, billed as the Dulfer Report, cost us ??

In view of the recent disclosure of the CIA and its covert actions to discredit the present Administration, could this harrasment of the Troops just be another attempt to draw ire and contempt of Bush by another group of undermining underlings in the administration, and propelled into the spotlight by the MSM ??

This is just too much of a coincidence in timing, to me.. The fact that FEMA is requesting people who did not deserve benifits that were paid to them due to Katrina and Rita to be paid back to FEMA, and now this coming to light, is just a little much for me to think is happinstance..