Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm sick of Republicans

Al Maiviva at Cold Fury wrote this today, and it exemplifies everything I've been feeling lately about politics. I hope they don't mind me borrowing it, but it was so brilliant that I wanted everyone here to read it. I have been extremely unhappy with the spinelessness I've been seeing out of Washington, especially, but not limited to, the Senate. Fed X has pointed out numerous times that the problem is incumbency, which I wholeheartedly agree with, but the stakes are getting to be too high. I'd like to think a turn under Pelosi or Reid "leadership" would cause them to wake up. I mean, at least regarding Iran, if we attacked them, at least we'd hear about how great it was from the media: women's rights improving, persecution of gays would stop, the massive doses of radiation causing people to develop interesting colors, etc....

Y’all want to hear somethin’ funny? I recently had a revelation. I don’t have to vote Republican. In fact, I’m leaning towards voting straight Dem in the Fall. Once the Republicans get done f@cking up immigration reform, so that we have full amnesty coupled with no enforcement and greatly increased illegal immigrant rights, I think I’ll be done voting for them for a while.

I had the revelation on Monday night. We had a big pro-illegal immigration rally on the Mall in D.C. that evening around rush hour - the one John Kerry and Ted Kennedy spoke (bad Spanish) at. I was trying to get out of town a little after 6:00 to get to another engagement as the mall was emptying. I was stopped at a stoplight on Constitution Ave, ironically enough, and the cops were trying to stop the pedestrian traffic flowing north off the Mall up towards the Metro Center subway stop. Guess what? Our guests, the honest, hard working folks who do the jobs Americans won’t do, don’t follow the traffic laws or public order laws either. They wouldn’t stop at the pedestrian cross walks. They were laughing and mocking out the cops who were trying to get them to stop. They were streaming around and through the cars, dropping a slap on a hood here, a little shout in the window at a gringo there… basically it was lawless, and about one minor shouting match away from turning into a race riot. And Congress is going to do what this crowd of lawless non-voters tells them to do. They don’t give a flying fark about around 110 million plus legal citizens and voters, and the greater than 80% of us who want the laws of this country enforced; who would be happy to put up with airport screening and stupid NSA wiretaps if we thought it necessary - *after* closing the gi-normous hole on the southern border through which Hezbollah is operating a terrorist smuggling ring, as FBI Director Mueller discussed a couple weeks ago in open testimony on Capitol Hill…

This is the final straw.

Would you like to know more?
I’m just about done with the Republicans. They don’t have the guts to follow through on Iraq and intend to base their positions on Iraq based on what the polls and focus groups say in July/August. They are going to let Iran develop nukes, and as Mark Steyn points out, what in the Mullahocracy’s history makes them think Iran won’t follow through on its threats to nuke us to oblivion? They’ve followed through on every other threat they’ve ever made. In short, the Republicans are incapable of leading. Are the Dems any better? No, in fact they are worse, much worse. They are likely to run us into the ground much faster than the Republicans.

But at least they will do so honestly. And at the heart of it, that’s what I can’t stand about the Republican Party. The gravy train pork barrelling is bad, but it’s not enough to get rid of me. The burgeoning of the lobbyist scum class in D.C. is bad, but again, not enough to get rid of me. The authorizing of a nationalized medical health care benefit that will, mark my words, eat the budget within 10 years, is bad, but that’s not enough to get rid of me. It’s that they claim to be on the libertarian/conservative side, and they are anything but, and they prove it again and again and again. Gee, it’s an election year, time to fire up the Family Protection Act and the proposals to cut taxes, before letting them die in committee in December…

I’d rather deal with honest loony left liberal/socialists than with lying scum who claim to be on my side, but who betray me time and time again.

Losing Congress - and the inevitable simultaneous impeachment of Bush and Cheney - might be a wakeup call to the Republicans. Let’s see how they like being a minority party under President Pelosi. Then again, it may not be a wakeup call, it may just drive the gravy swilling pigs into denial, much as the Dems - those slightly more collectivist and amoral gravy swilling pigs - have been for the last several years. But I’d rather see the country fail all at once, than watch a bunch of gutless liars run us slowly into the ditch. The Republicans - supposed hawks - don’t have the nerve to lead us to do what is necessary to defend this country, and as supposed fiscal tightwads, they don’t have the self control to throttle back on the theft, the outright theft, of tax money from our pockets. The bills from the federal spending spree will come due, friends, and we will have to pay it. This is no joke. I care about a strong defense and sound fiscal policy. I don’t give a flying fuck about building a permanent (payola-based) Republican majority, which is all this WH and this Congress seem to care about. I’m not going to support their vote buying project any longer.

A lot of my friends - real Republican base members and some activists - will be staying home this fall, if not outright voting for the Democrats. What I do that night - D, or stay home - will ultimately come down to how drunk I am on election day. It is going to be one sad fucking day for me.

All I know for sure is I’ve fucking had it with the Republicans.

Yeah, I know, it’s really not very funny the way you probably thought it would be. But I meant it as “funny, odd,” not “funny, ha ha.” I find it terribly funny that at this stage in my life, I’m probably going to vote for a bunch of collectivist scum pacifist nanny-state pols that I despise. That is funny,odd. But I’m getting more pissed at the Republicans by the day.