Thursday, April 06, 2006

After 87 Years, Lotsa Water Under That Bridge

Big Red One veterans meet for 87th reunion
By Sgt. Bryant Maude

April 6, 2006

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, April 6, 2006) – They journeyed from as far away as Germany and as close by as the Military District of Washington. They referred to themselves as Blue Spaders, Kings of Battle and Black Lions. Some commanded troops in Operation Iraqi Freedom II while others stormed the Beaches of Normandy.

Current and previous officers of America’s oldest division – the 1st Infantry Division – gathered for their 87th reunion at the Alexandria Mark Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., April 1.

This year’s event commemorated the 15th anniversary of the division’s successful combat operations during Operation Desert Storm.

When commenting on the war, former 1st ID Commanding General Retired LTG Thomas G. Rhame said “all of us who were able to fight that war were very fortunate we got to fight that war with the Big Red One. It was a special opportunity, a window in history that God allowed us to participate in.”

The current 1st ID Commanding General, MG Kenneth W. Hunzeker, updated attendees on today’s status of the Big Red One.

“We are all in the middle of an exciting time for the division. Having returned from a highly successful, full-spectrum combat operation, the division, as you know, is again proving its agility by taking on a variety of complex missions relating to the War on Terror, and we’re truly executing the Army campaign plan of the future.”

As the attendees dined, the 1st ID Band played regimental and division songs, and each of the member units took turns marching around the room in single file, swinging their napkins in the air, insuring all present would know the spirit of their unit is alive and well in each of them.

When asked if he was having a good time, one World War II veteran responded enthusiastically with “I’m having a great time, great time. I always enjoy this event.”

After the Color Guard retrieved the colors and the final pictures where taken, the words of the division were repeated by all: “No mission to difficult. No sacrifice to great. Duty First!”

For 87 years, they been have passin the torch to the next generation.. How many more generations are there gonna be to greet the "bearer" ??

Is the Pussification of America by the Feminists and the PC Police and the RWPP gonna lead to the relegation of the Warrior to the History Books ??