Friday, October 21, 2005

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Some sixty billion US taxpayer dollars have been sent to Egypt.

Friday, October 21, 2005
Update on events in Alexandria, Egypt

Egyptian police fire tear gas to disperse the crowd.
Muslim rallies extended to Cairo and Banha in addition to Alexandria. In Cairo, few thousands demonstrated in Al Azhar mosque protesting what they considered as insults to Islam. In Alexandria, one person was killed and over 60 injured when they clashed with security forces. It seems that security forces are unable to contain the situation that's why some Egyptian army forces are being deployed

15000 Muslims Surround a Coptic Church in Alexandria
Thousands of angry Muslims are currently surrounding St George Coptic Orthodox Church in Muharam Bek, Alexandria, Egypt. Muslims are protesting what they considered an "offensive" play that took place 2 years ago !!! Church officials denied these allegations and adhered to their position of refusing to provide an apology, as the Muslim radicals demanded. Muslim mob burned two police vehicles and a fire truck in addition to injuring many police officers by hurling rocks at them in an attempt to raid the church and burn it.What is happening in Egypt is a form of intellectual terrorism against Copts that radical Muslims are imposing on everyone that dares to criticize their agenda of having Islam dominate the world."Feeling their psychological defeat against Israel, the majority of Muslims in the region are trying to let their frustration out on the Christian minority" said a Coptic activist who wished to remain anonymous.Copts form about 15% of the Egyptian Population as the church estimates place their number a little over 10 Millions inside Egypt.

Coptic Christians in Alexandria, Egypt, attacked by Muslim Mob.
A nun was stabbed on the chest and the back. One of her fingers was severed. A Coptic man was injured.It all started on last Friday, October 14, 2005, when a crowd of about 3000 angry Muslims demonstrated in front of St. George Coptic Orthodox church in Moharam Bek, Alexandria. The demonstrators came from the near by mosque after the Friday prayers and as a result of being inflamed by the Imam of the mosque. They were chanting anti Christian and anti-Jewish slogans and hurling rocks at the church.Yesterday, Wednesday October 19, 2005, the situation intensified. Another crowd of angry Muslims demonstrated in front of Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox church in the same area. They attacked a nun several times by a knife from the back and one piercing stab on her chest. Also they severed one of her fingers. She was rushed to the hospital where she underwent an emergency surgery. Her condition is serious. Another man was also stabbed, but his condition is stable.The new wave of sectarian strife was caused by a CD that was being distributed of a play that was shown in the church about 2 years ago. The play discusses the tricks used by Muslim radicals to proselytize non-Muslims. Muslim radicals charge that the play smeared the Islamic faith, and demanded a public apology from Pope Shenouda, the head of the Coptic church. Those who conducted the play maintain that the play was meant to be educational and that it didn't include any wrong information about Islam.The situation in Alexandria, Egypt is escalating with threats of burning the church, verbal abuses and physical attacks. We ask religious, human rights organizations and all freedom loving people to intervene on behalf of the helpless Coptic Christian minority of Egypt.