Friday, August 05, 2005

NCAA bans Indian mascots from postseason events

DallasNews - The NCAA on Friday morning announced a ban on Native American mascots and imagery that is considered hostile and abusive at all championship events starting in February.

The organization has compiled a list of 18 schools that fall into that category, including Florida State's Seminoles and Illinois' Fighting Illini. Those schools must eliminate physical references on their team uniforms or face not being able to host future championship events. If events have already been awarded to a school, such as a basketball regional tournament, it must cover up references to the nickname.

Division I-A bowls aren't part of the NCAA's championship structure, but association president Myles Brand said he hopes the Bowl Championship Series will adhere to the NCAA's decision.

The issue has been a part of NCAA discussions for the past three years and was approved Thursday by the association's executive commitee. University of Hartford president Walt Harrison, the committee's chairman, said the decision has wide-spread membership support and is similar to the recent prohibition of championship events to states that still officially display the confederate flag.