Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Accuser

Spend the $4.95 on the latest edition of The Atlantic Monthly which put a 27 pages article titled “The Accuser” (“One woman has spent decades documenting crimes against humanity in Iraq. Now Saddam and his circle are facing justice“) on their cover.

That article chronicle the effort of one woman (from Amnesty International then Human Rights Watch) who catalogues the brutality of the Saddam Regime for the past two decades.

If you think the anecdotal torture and human abuses reports on the news is too grim to be true, read snippets of the impassionate and detailed report by these two human rights organization have done since the 70's in the article.

Her work will become the main source to the incoming trials of the ousted Iraqi Regime.

The article referred to one Human Rights Watch released a report back in 1993 about the Anfal Operation “Genocide in Iraq: The Anfal Campain Against the Kurds“ which you can read in its entirety here.

One interesting nugget you find in the article is a story about how Saddam's Intelligence Service tried to assasinate Allawi (the current PM of Iraq Provisional Government) back in 1978 in London. The assasin used an axe to attack him in his house and managed to injure his head and leg.

This article also serves as a wonderful example of the kind of work being performed by these type of "Liberal" international human rights organization. They are another requisite pillar for the spread of freedoma around the world.

You can also buy this edition for your Anti OIF Liberal friends :)