Friday, January 28, 2005

Now I remember what I forgot

I kind of sidetracked myself on that last post, but I wanted to point out some other reasons I feel things might be looking up in the war on Terror.

First, is that recruitment goals for the Army and Marines (ground forces) are apparently being met. And for an all-volunteer service during a shooting war, I think thats a very positive sign. That means everyone that signs up is expecting to go into battle, and thats the kind of individual I want protecting my freedom.

Please don't take this wrong, as I would never criticize the motivation of our fine servicemen and women, but I do think there were some people in our military on Sept. 10th 2001, that were there primarily for the economic and training aspects, but were hoping that a war did not happen during their time of service. I also think there were some women that decided, after they got a taste of ugly experience of battle and being hunted by other humans, that now would be a good time to stop taking birth control pills, and I think there were some men who wished they could get pregnant as well. I think they all did, and are doing a fine job, but I feel even better about the motivation of an individual that signs up knowing he will probably get shot at, or have to kill another human being when he / she voluntarily enlists. That tells me the "warrior code" is definitely present in their personal character.

And I seen some footage the other day of some Marines that were really getting into hunting down insurgents, and appeared to be looking forward to NOT capturing them alive, if you know what I mean. They were not playing PC international policemen, they were looking to extract bloody revenge for their fallen buddies. To put it bluntly...I could see the hatred for our enemies burning in their eyes, and that more than anything else, encourages me that we are now prepared to match our enemies zealous pursuit of victory at all costs. I am glad to see that we are somewhat modifying our self imposed "rules of engagement" into something more effective against this religiously motivated enemy. Thats how real wars are kill more of them than they kill of you....and you look forward to the day you have killed enough of them you can return to your civilian life and family, a free victorious man.

Another encouraging sign is that while we in America have been spared a major terrorist attack since we have taken the battle to the enemies turf, our so called "allies" that were throwing a wrench into all our plans for reforming the region with freedom, are continuing to be the victims of the very groups their anti-American agenda protected. And thus the governments people in such countries as the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, and Thailand are getting tired of pretending that this conflict will ever end in a negotiated solution that will let them get back to enjoying the freedoms that this enemy used to infiltrate their society and attack it from within. They are all turning their attention to the Islamic style hatred that is being consumed in their local Mosques, and are starting to question the wisdom of allowing massive immigration from Islamic countries. Not that I am particularly happy about the fact that that they have forced us to cast a suspicious eye on all adherent of Islam in our midst, but I think not allowing ourselves to scrutinize them is a politically correct weakness that they will continue to exploit in the pursuit of performing what they see as their religious duty, which is to spread the influence of Islam into our culture. I am just glad to see that we are starting to take this threat to western civilization seriously enough to temporarily inconvenience ourselves if thats what it takes to increase our security.

I also see some poetic justice in seeing the governments of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Palestine now having their survival threatened by the same groups they had encouraged to focus their oppressed anger towards the west only a short while ago. Their deflection of their internal problems outward toward some imaginary infidel enemy is now coming back to bite them in the ass, and forcing them to deal with the sources of Islamic terrorism within their own borders if they want to continue to rule.

Posted By: Redneck Texan