Monday, January 31, 2005

New front-runner for DNC Chair

As members of the Democratic National Committee prepare to elect their new party chairman next month, a relative unknown in the race has just gotten a fairly significant boost from key party insiders.

The DNC's executive committee voted in New York Sunday to recommend Donnie Fowler to replace Terry McAuliffe. The vote came after all seven candidates for the position made their case for the job at a regional forum for DNC officials from the East Coast.

Fowler is the son of former DNC chairman Don Fowler, and was pushed out as a top official in the presidential campaign of Wesley Clark in 2003. He has been a lobbyist for the Silicon Valley firm TechNet. Fowler is considered something of an Internet guru in the Democratic Party.

He emerges as a less ideological challenger to former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, who until the vote was considered the front-runner for the party chairmanship. But many Democrats think Dean, who screamed himself out of the presidential nomination last year following a poor showing in Iowa, is too controversial for the party and they have been seeking an alternative.

Other candidates for the post include former Texas Rep. Martin Frost, Simon Rosenberg, former president of the New Democrat Network, former Indiana Rep. and Sept. 11 commission member Tim Roemer and former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb.

The DNC election is set for Feb. 12.

Posted By: Redneck Texan