Sunday, January 23, 2005

Britain draws up case against attack on Iran

Britain has drawn up a case against military attack on Iran amidst fears that US President George W. Bush may seek its backing for a new conflict, a media report said on Sunday.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has produced a 200-page dossier that rules out military action and makes the case for a ‘‘negotiated solution’’ to curb Iran’s suspected nuclear ambitions, The Sunday Times reported.

He will press home the point at a meeting with Condoleezza Rice, the incoming US Secretary of State, in Washington tomorrow, it said.

The dossier, entitled ‘Iran’s nuclear programme’, says a peaceful solution led by Britain, France and Germany is ‘‘in the best interests of Iran and the international community’’. It refers to ‘‘safeguarding Iran’s right to peaceful use of nuclear technology’’, the paper said.

The dossier was quietly issued in the House of Commons on the eve of Bush’s inauguration for the second term last week, for fear of provoking a public rift with Washington, it said.

The approach contrasts with the British government’s two Iraq dossiers, which were trumpeted to make the case for joining the US-led war on Iraq, the paper said.

The message that the British government wants no part in another war in the Middle East will be reinforced by Prime Minister Tony Blair when he meets Bush in Brussels next month.

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