Friday, April 30, 2004

Why are we in Iraq?

Saddam’s only link to 9/11 was…he controlled a country smack in the middle of the region, that is breeding killers intent on wiping us off the face of the planet.

Where was a better, more convenient place in the region, to attempt to establish a starting place for reforming of the Muslim World. Iraq was the most likely candidate to embrace freedom, and allow us to establish a base from which to eradicate the cancer that is radical Islam.

Saddam was no threat to us. We could eliminate, from the air, any infrastructure he could build, to become a threat to us. But how long were we going to be able to enforce sanctions against him.

Who were we going to retaliate against after 9/11, to ensure it did not happen again? Was doing nothing again, a good option? We refuse to even admit that our true enemy isn’t a government, it is a religion. Its the Mullahs in the region that needed to be eliminated, not the political leaders.

The true enemy that attacked us on 9/11 is the poverty and Illiteracy in the region, that is attracted to the principals of Islam, then brainwashed by the power hungry theocrats into spreading the cancer by violent means. Have you ever heard of a Mullah becoming a suicide bomber. Hell no, they are the only ones in the cult, that have a reason to continue living. They are prosperous already.

We will never be safe, unless “these people” ( I love saying that ) have something better to do with their lives that just sitting around blaming all their failures on our success. And that is the reason we are in Iraq. To start the reform process “somewhere” in the region.

The fact that other freedom haters from the region, are moving to where our snipers can see them, is just a bonus.

There is no guarantee that our efforts to bring us safety by reforming the ME will work. We may not have the political will or stomach for it. If we cant defeat the brainwashed killers, on their own turf. What will we do then……to survive.