Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Impressive post Polly. Where have you been. The pending Fallujah pacification effort, might be an election night cliff-hanger. Life as an insurgent / terrorist is going to get rough, If Bush wins, OR becomes a lame duck.

You Said What we are seeing here is very similar to the subtle, quasi hands-off strategy that has been used to so successfully bring peace to other locations in the Sunni Triangle over the past year.

Please clarify where, we have been “so successful”.

I have given plenty ammunition, to the posters here, that may consider me a genocidal maniac. But I really hate war. Who can honestly be pro-war. I was watching Romper Room during the Vietnam War. This is my first experience with 100 dead Americans in a month. And I dont find it enjoyable. If I didn’t believe our War on Terror is necessary for our children’s survival, I might not have the stomach, to support actions, that involved much collateral damage in pacifying Fallujah. I dont go out and “dance in the street”, when I see pictures of dead Iraqi babies.

What I do think about when I see them pictures, is that their are millions of Muslims, in the Middle East, that would “dance in the street” if those were American babies on TV, that had died in a Terrorist WMD attack, in the heartland of America.

Robert E Lee had known that war was so horrible, because he had seen it, in his home turf, in his fields, with his family in jeopardy. We are not there yet, but if we can’t win the war on terror, on the terrorists turf, we will have to retreat to the home front, and wait till they come.

Luckily, Western civilization’s advanced weaponry, and superior tactics, give us an amazing advantage over these killers, when on the rare occasion, they do not attack like cowards. The really “dyed in the wool” America haters, acted like they were ready to “Bring in on” to the United States Marine Corp. in a semi-contained space. We cant miss this opportunity, to demonstrate to the Muslim world, that we are dead serious about not wanting to be the only victims of terror forever.

Polly, I hope we can pacify the Sunni Triangle, by negotiating with the tribal leaders to do our dirty work for us. They might not realize yet, that being a tribal leader, in a democracy would have a competitive edge in any future local election, and all the Graff that would go with ( wink ). If not I can live with the guilt of any action our soldiers must take, to secure this victory.

Posted by: Redneck Texan at April 21, 2004 10:15 PM