Thursday, April 29, 2004

Gods Little Land Mines

I am having a personal war of extermination, with the local snake population. I have had 3 snake encounters in 3 days.

The first one, a 6' Water Moccasin

was in my pump house, in a 5 gallon bucket. He was quickly introduced to the business end of a sawed off 12 Guage. I will need a new bucket too.

Yesterday, I discovered a dead Copperhead in my driveway.

I must have sent him to snake hell, on my way to work.

Today, however I sped up and swerved to run over a demon monster. A 7' Water moccasin, crossing the driveway, close to my house. I got him, but backed up and over him again to make sure, and after backing over him, he never appeared in front of my Pickup. Thats not a good sign. It make you wonder where he is. Did he hitch a ride on my undercarriage, where he can hang on, and wait for me to stop, open door, and place a leg in front of him to extract his revenge on. Well, just for the record I am not to old or big to crawl out the window and jump. Armed searches of the crime scene yielded no results.

So the score for summer 2004 is:
Redneck Texan 2
Texas Vipers 1