Tuesday, April 20, 2004

"Bush is in control of Saudi oil production and price, and is going to lower it before the election"

I cant believe anyone intelligent enough to navigate to this site, could honestly believe this stupid shit.

Its another example of how the Left and the Media control the simpler minds of this nation.

Like during Bush's last press conference, about Iraq. The media engaged in a coordinated attempt, to make news, instead of report it. They all repeatably tried to get him to admit he had "Made a Mistake". See... thats a no win situation for any sitting president. How can you answer that question, in a way that wont be used against you, in the next mornings headlines. If you admit to one, it will be "Even Bush know he has made a mistake". If he denies it, it will be Bush too blind & arrogant to admit when he is wrong". I bet Kerry's handlers got plenty of influence, in exactly the way those questions were worded.

The Saudi gas price thing is from the same partisan whores. Creatively time this, to misrepresent it as a Woodward based fact, when its just simply another partisan trick to put Bush in a no win situation. If the price of oil does go down before election, the Dem's will be able to claim Bush's deal with the Saudi was real, if oil dont go down, well thats still Bush's fault somehow.

Election years during a war, should have a different set of rules, enforced by legislation. The damage it does to our ability to concentrate our national security efforts is extremely counter-productive, and sad.

If Kerry does win, it will change the fabric of the command-posts. It is going to be so much easier to just attack the flaws in the world, that occur on Kerry's watch, And many here will have a hard time explaining why, we wont be living in an Utopian peace loving world, with a Massachusetts Liberal in charge.